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Providing solutions to build a more secure and sustainable future by encouraging a better understanding and appreciation of the world’s cultural and ecological diversity.

Geospatial Information Management, Web Site Development and Print

We have in-depth expertise in designing and developing online geospatial information management systems, web sites, web applications and printed materials customized to the unique requirements of each client organization.


The IMS360 is a web-based system featuring multiple applications designed for organizations to manage diverse projects, documents and geospatial data. The IMS360 features comprehensive administration functions, data maangement, report generation and project notifications. 

We turn raw data into useful information and knowledge, so clients can fulfil their mandates and address audiences and stakeholders effectively.


The web landscape is continually evolving, staying on top of design trends and technologies is at the heart of our development process.

Our strength is our ability to interpret your needs, help shape your ideas and accomplish the goals you have set for your web presence.

Our development process focuses on your ability to manage your content, optimal site structure and expected audience needs. The result is a web presence that serves you and your audience in the most efficient and cost effective way.


Effective branding, graphic design, and copywriting play pivotal roles in shaping a company’s identity and influencing its success in the competitive business landscape, encapsulating the values, personality, and promise a company conveys to its audience. 

Graphic design visually conveys the brand’s essence through logos, print  and other communication materials,  ensuring a cohesive visual identity that resonates with the target audience.

Good copywriting bridges the gap between the brand and its audience, conveying the brand’s message effectively while fostering a connection with them. 

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