There is considerable overlap in the core services that are applied to many of the projects that we develop. If you are interested in exploring a specific set of services, click on each of the headings below.

  • Discover Eeyou Istchee

  • Cree Geoportal

  • IPY Species Web Site

  • Cree Forestry

  • Eeyou Istchee Tourism

  • Nunavik Marine Region

  • Land Registry Database

  • Nunavik Lake Ice Service

  • Qikiqtani Inuit Association

  • Special Projects

  • Corporate Reports

  • Promotional Materials

  • Printed Maps

  • Branding

  • Frontier Animal Society

  • Nile River Awareness Kit

  • Nunavut Impact Review Board

  • Mekong River Commission Web Site

  • Roslyn Elementary School

Cree Geoportal

Client: Cree Outfitting and Tourism Association (COTA) Niskamoon Corporation

Description: The Cree GeoPortal is a Web-based geospatial application and decision support system for land management and tourism planning. The applications that are accessed via the geoportal deliver geospatial information to Cree communities and organizations for purposes of supporting research, discussion, planning and decision making related to land and resource management and tourism development.

The portal incorporates traditional knowledge datasets in combination with thematic information and reference maps from distributed data sources. It conforms to the CGDI standards and specifications and supports applications based on visualization of map data such as outfitting permits renewal and environmental change monitoring.

Services provided: PHP Programming, Microsoft .NET programming, web design and development, project management, web map services, database design

Technology: Microsoft .NET, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server, MySQL, Windows, FLEX Viewer, WMS, WFS

URL: www.creegeoportal.ca (certain web and gis applications closed to public)

Client: Cree Regional Authority (FIMS)

Descritption: The Forestry Information Management System (FIMS) houses a sophisticated information management system that includes a geospatial database designed to manage and monitor progress on projects in development throughout the Cree territory. The system includes a document management system and an online projects application system. The FIMS calculates budgets, applies restrictions to project development based on criteria set forth by the CRA, and facilitates a reporting system designed to monitor the development and progress of projects funded by the Foresty Enhancement Program.

This web-based information management system was developed to assist the Forestry Program Prioritization Committee (FPPC) in its mandate to oversee the financial distributions of funds via the Forestry Enhancement Program in accordance with the criteria as set out by the GCCEI/CRA agreements with Quebec.

Services provided: Web map services, system design, GUI design, web site design and development, PHP and .NET programming, database design

Technology: ArcGIS Desktop, MySQL, Windows, ArcGIS Server, WMS, Microsoft .NET

URL: www.fims.ca (web site only, GIS and web application closed to public)

Nunavik Marine Region (NMR) Impact Review Board and Nunavik Marine Region Planning Commission Web Sites, Database and Interactive Map

Client: Nunavik Marine Region Impact Review Board and Nunavik Marine Region Planning Commission

Description: The objective was to design, develop and implement a sophisticated information and content management system to facilitate access to an online Public Registry of current and historical screening decisions and reviews. In addition, the goal of these websites and data management tools was to assist staff in board functions, primarily in the areas of activities planning and member notification.

The system also includes a document management system, a web map service, a streamlined online meeting agenda creation tool and an interactive calendar of events.

Services provided: web map services, web application development, web design, CMS, database design

Technology: Google Maps API, JavaScript, PHP, XHTML, SQL

URL: www.NMRIRB.ca, www.nmrpc.ca

NLHCA Land Registry Database and Map Service

Client: Nunavik Landholding Corporations Association (NLHCA)

Description: The system manages over 1,000 active leases for the 15 community Landholding Corporations in Nunavik, and automatically generates invoices at the end of billing cycles and is completely integrated with the local accounting system.

The online lease management is complete with a Document Management System (DMS), a Content Management System (CMS) that allows community driven web portal updates and several online databases to manage Board of Director and staff information, as well as subsidiary companies information and contacts.

The Nunavik Landholding Corporations Association (NLHCA) is a non-profit Corporation representing all Landholding Corporations in Nunavik.

Services provided: database modeling, data normalization, web site design and development, system design, CMS, system architecture and navigation, GUI design, web map services.

Technology: ArcGIS Desktop, MySQL, Windows, ArcGIS Server

URL: www.nlhca.ca

Nunavik Lake Ice Service (Polar View)

Client: Nunavik Research Centre, Makivik Corporation

Description: Through this community Portal, the Polar View Lake Ice Service delivers important climate change and ice safety monitoring information to Inuit communities in Nunavik, northern Quebec. The service currently provides lake winter ice status information for a series of lakes critical to Arctic Char over-wintering habitat across three study areas. During winter months, the lake ice status of each of the identified lakes in the three study areas is derived using remote sensing data (RADARSAT and Envisat ASAR satellite imagery), and also includes the integration of Inuit Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK).

Lake ice status (including ice presence and ice thickness), current weather information and weather forecast data is provided in near real time

Services provided: Community consultation, participatory mapping, community workshops, structured and semi-structired interviews, user needs assessment and sustainability analysis, GIS Cartography, web site design and development, Java Script programming.

Technology: ArcGIS Desktop, MySQL, Windows, XML

URL: nunavik.lakeice.ca

Qikiqtani Inuit Association Data Portal and Interactive Maps

Client: Qikiqtani Inuit Association

Description: The system is comprised of several components (tools) that share information stored in a series of (relational) databases on the host server and are accessible via a web portal. The system includes a map service, a land registry database, a document management and distribution system, an environmental projects assessment system and a notification module.

The system provides geospatial data visualization and retrieval and facilitates data distribution to different stakeholders, including the thirteen Baffin communities.

Services provided: system design, user needs assessment workshops, database design, ASP programming, web development and design

Technology: ASP.net, ArcGIS Desktop, MySQL, Windows, Google Maps API, Fusion tables, KML, PHP

Discover Eeyou Istchee - Land of the People

Client: Eeyou Istchee Tourism

Description: The Discover Eeyou Istchee Virtual Tour is an exploration of the Cree way of life, past and present, and will represent Eeyou Istchee as a world class tourist destination. The exhibit features several Flash driven interactive components, compelling photography, cultural content and vibrant multimedia assets.

Services provided: graphic design, flash programming, interactive design, copy writing, web site development

URL: www.discovereeyouistchee.ca

Eeyou Istchee Tourism Association Web Site

Client: Eeyou Istchee Tourism

Description:The Eeyou Istchee Tourism Association is the 22nd Regional Tourism Association to come into being in the province of Qu├ębec and the third to represent the administrative region of Northern Quebec. Strata360 was mandated to design and build a website to position and promote Eeyou Istchee as a key destination for Aboriginal tourism as well as outdoor and adventure tourism. Visitors to the site can easily access up-to-date information grouped by activity or location. The site also features a quickfind map, an automated newsletter feature, google analytics, a password protected members' section and a comprehensive photo library.

The site was built using a robust CMS that allows EIT staff to update the site quickly and easily.

Services provided: graphic design, website architecture, web development, branding and logo development, copywriting, translation

Technology: JOOMLA!

URL: www.creetourism.ca

IPY Species Web Site

Client: Makivik Corporation

Description:This site catalogues the indigenous flora, fauna and sea life of the region.

Services provided: Graphic and web design, CMS template preparation, CMS training, hosting.

Technology: Joomla!

URL: species.strata360.com

Neeposh Family Fishing Project

Client: Hydro Quebec, Niskamoon Corportation

Description: In 2006 the Neeposh Family Fishing Project was carried out at the request of the Neeposh family. This book documents the traditional activities the family practiced one last time on the area of their trapline before the creation of the Rupert River Diversion forebay and tailbay. The family wanted their knowledge of the land and their elders to be recognized and recorded for future generations.

Services provided: Graphic design and layout, copy editing, printing.

Cree Outfitting and Tourism Association Annual Reports

Client: Cree Outfitting and Tourism Association

Description: Strata360 has prepared COTA's annual report for several years running. The challenge to accurately and objectively reflect the association's activities, goals and achievements has been a rewarding one.

Services provided: Graphic design and layout, copy writing, editing, printing.

Canadian Space Agency Tekkes Poster and Brochures

Client: Canadian Space Agency

Description: Roll-up 'Penguin' banner and brochure created as part of communication materials developed for the Canada-Finland Initiative.

Services provided: Graphic design and layout, copy writing, editing, printing.

Pilot Project to Develop Baseline Information Supporting QIA Responsibilities for the Proposed Mary River Project

Client: Qikiqtani Inuit Association

Description:The objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive and easily accessible record of baseline information to support QIA (Qikiqtani Inuit Association) responsibilities for representing Inuit interests in the environmental and regulatory review processes for the proposed Mary River Iron Ore Mine Project. The project conducts a detailed review of the original Inuit Land Use and Occupancy Project (ILUOP) field maps, written interviews and other documentation and selects and processes the information most relevant for the pilot study area. The project also establishes the methodology and processes for using new geospatial technologies including GIS required to make the ILUOP information accessible to the Inuit and develops a prototype for the delivery of this information through web-based technologies.

Services provided: Review of existing cultural and land us information, design and development of methodologies to capture and store spatial and non-spatial information, research and development of environmental monitoring guidelines and indicators, monitoring data analyses and quality control. Training and capacity building.

Technology: ArcGis

Corporate Branding - Logo Development

Client: Various

Cree Outfitting and Tourism Association

Osprey Fishing Camps

Eeyou Istchee Regional Tourism Association

Cree Native Arts and Crafts Association

Whalley-Abbey Media

Niskamoon Corporation

Frontier Animal Society Website

Client: Joyce Dekker

Description: Strata360 volunteered its expertise to support the efforts of the Frontier Animal Society to find caring homes for abandoned animals. Our colleague, Caroline Kemp, volunteers countless hours to the shelter, and we felt compelled to support her tireless efforts. Along with the development and maintenance of the site, Caroline manages the FAS Facebook page, spearheads their fund raising campaigns, manages adoption events as well as vetting prospective adopters. We applaud her efforts.

Services provided: graphic design, branding, copy writing, web site development

URL: www.frontieranimalsociety.ca

Nile River Awareness Kit

Client: Hatfield Consultants

Description: Nile Transboundary Environment Action Project & the Nile Basin Initiative (NTEAP/NBI) Educational and awareness raising program to promote cooperation in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. The information and knowledge provided in a River Awareness Kit are used as research, teaching and training tools by schools, universities, and non-government organizations. They can also provide effective communication and marketing tools for the River Basin Organisation and other related organisations.

Services provided: graphic design, flash programming, interactive design, web site development

URL: nilerak.hatfieldgroup.com

Nunavut Impact Review Board Web Site and Workflow Management System

Client: Nunavut Impact Review Board

Description: Of critical importance to the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) is provision of timely and complete information to support decision making and project monitoring in the Nunavut Settlement Area (NSA). For that purpose, NIRB awarded Strata360 a contract to establish a computer system and database that evaluates and monitor impacts of development projects within the NSA. The system also integratea information from other regulatory agencies in Nunavut (government and non-government) and other authorizing agencies in Canada.

Services provided: graphic design, web site development, proprietary systems development, user needs and business analysis

URL: www.nirb.ca

Mekong River Commission Web Site

Client: PT Hatfindo, Mekong River Commission

End-user: Public

Objectives: The updated website was designed to provide an integrated solution to MRC communication and information management, with a user-friendly design and updated content based on identified priorities within the basin. Technical improvements resulting from the project included a re-structured navigation system, improved search capabilities, document management system for MRC publications, and stakeholder engagement tools, which were developed to improve usability. The website was developed using the Silverstripe open source content management system and framework.

Technology: Open Source CMS

URL: www.mrcmekong.org

Client: Roslyn Elementary School

Description: With enrollment in the English public school system declining, creating an online presence to attract new students was of critical importance. Our mandate was to redesign the existing Roslyn website to reflect the high standards and academic achievement of the school. An important goal was to attract families who might otherwise opt to send their child to a private school. The site was launched in November 2010 and registration the following year was up by 15% with many parents pointing to the website as being a key motivator for choosing Roslyn.

Due to server restrictions and EMSB guidelines, the site could not be built using a CMS however the pages are set up so that it requires only minimal training to update the content. The site is now maintained by volunteers.

Services Provided: web audit, architecture, graphic design, photography, content development, site development using Dreamweaver and Contribute, project management.

URL: www.emsb.qc.ca/roslyn/


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