We apply a structured methodology to develop information management systems. We begin with needs analysis in consultation with our client and once the project objectives are identified, we design customized interfaces and tools that respond directly to the client’??s needs and expectations.

We turn raw data into useful information and knowledge, enabling clients to address their target audiences and stakeholders effectively.

The IMS360 is a web-based system featuring multiple applications and is designed to help organizations manage diverse projects, documents and geospatial data. The IMS360 features comprehensive administration functions, such assigning credentials to users, managing data, generating reports, and sending project alerts.

In continuous consultation with our clients we apply the following methodology to the IMS360 development process:

  • Needs assessment
  • Functional and technical specifications
  • System development and implementation
  • Deployment and training
  • System maintenance


In the IMS360 several components share information stored in a series of databases on the host server. The IMS360 features the following components:

  • Geospatial database
  • Security database
  • Web map services
  • Document Management System
  • Reporting tools
  • Events Calendar
  • Meeting agenda creation and distribution tool
  • User alert and notification module
  • Access Portal

The IMS360 mapping components feature technology developed by ESRI and Google. Project databases are developed using Microsoft SQL server and MySQL